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WESTERNDREAM'S apocalyptic trance rock; exploring the realms of the soul via the study of ancient secret sciences to retrieve the sparkles of Divine light lost in the Darkness. Their new album permutations is a powerfull collection of dark spiritual anthems.


RISE OF THE FALLEN is a gathering, a celebration to the light still to be restored. They propose powerful Orchestral sound scapes evolving around post-modern electro rhythms, ancestral tribal rites and hell driven guitars slashing their way through primordial chaos. The achievement of demystifying the dream, restoring the light lost in the darkness and all that is fallen to their point of origin. RISE OF THE FALLEN'S debut album: Nest of Ten soon available on Golem Records.


Welcome to the tortured world of Blind Agony, a journey into man's darkest feelings, primal fears and angst.A blend of German EBM, trance and electro laced with corrosive vocals. This project is the Brainchild of Michael Phos aka Dunkleheit produced by Philip Faith. Blind Agony is currently in studio working on their debut album featuring the pounding "Silent Death".


Exploring the twisted side as well as hidden fantasies and perversions bubbling in the mind of the human animal, Secretself unique amalgame of industrial, noise and techno will take you in the deeper realms of the human mind and libido.Founded By singer /songwriter FRO5T Secretself is working on their upcoming album "Insect" produced by Philip Faith and soon to be released worldwide.


The Nomad lab is a musical experiment. The nomads travel with their musical laboratory exploring the depth of all ethnic traditions in order to create an antidote called Ethno trip hop. Check out their eponym album released on GOLEM RECORDS.


Welcome to the black hole generation, blinded by the clash of hidden truth and computer generated reality. The Black Hole Babies, children of chaos travelling through time and space to bring you their unique Cyberapocalypse. This project was founded by songwritter, producer Seth Cohn. Their first mini album is called "User friendly".


The year is 4857 a.d, humanity has vanished and the world as we know it is gone. A new race of beings emerge with no clue of the planet's past, that is untill they discover burried documents depicting our human life these documents are called the EARTH CHRONICLES. This Canadian/Romanian project is very experimental and the first E.P is called "Trilobite".


Corpus Calluceum proposes a new strain of trance, psychotic trance a psychedelic introspection into the mysteries of the brain. Corpus Calluceum proposes instrumental tracks with a variety of neurology related samples. The first effort is a 6 track E.P called "SYNAPTIK".


GOTT KOMPLEX is German for GOD Complex. The problem that some people have seeing themselves as Gods, the paroxism of pretention and vanity. GOTT KOMPLEX proposes disturbed chaotic soundscapes. Their 2nd album is called "I am", available on GOLEM RECORDS.


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