The Label

Golem records was founded in 1995 in Montreal, Canada by producer, songwriter and d.j Philip Faith. The idea was to create a Recording studio that would combine new digital technology with traditional recording techniques.

In 1995 Golem records the label saw light, presenting an amalgamation of innovative artists and projects in an effort to inject the industry with some new forms of art, soundscapes and conceptual projects.

WESTERNDREAM, Nomad Lab, Earth Chronicles were the first artists released on Golem records. The labels ethereal releases defied the conventional record industry mentality of the time.

Exploring Darkwave, Industrial, crossbreeding Ethnicity with noise or gothic with Flamenco, surfing the infinite realm of Trance and Goa, the label has its distinct sound and style.

Since 1998, Golem records was launched online. Now, for the first time we offer you the Golem records online store where all releases and various items could be bought.

Whether you're an independent store looking to provide a greater variety of CDs for your customers at prices guaranteed to keep them coming back, or a chain looking to expand into the new and exciting market that this music provides, Golem records is a key contact.