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We are very proud to announce that the track" 32 paths of wisdom" has been remixed by darkwave electro project THIRD REALM, this powerfull remix will appear on RISE OF THE FALLEN's Nest of ten album.

32 paths of wisdom (Third realm remix)

Third realm website

WESTERNDREAM live at S.A.T june 22nd 2006

WESTERNDREAM will perform live at Montreal's mixed sessions event at S.A.T.The event is called Persephone and will feature visuals by Athanore, music by Dj Mr Black , Danielle Hubbard and ani-lumigrane



RISE OF THE FALLEN DVD screening party

RISE OF THE FALLEN'S Citizen Cain videos as well as an original soundtrack will be presented in Montreal during Club sin's fetish fridays.This event will take place on Friday May 5th 2006 at Cabaret Cleo 1230 St-Laurent on the second floor.Fore more info:


RISE OF THE FALLEN remixes world beat singer Christine Atallah

RISE OF THE FALLEN have completed a very eclectic remix for world beat act Christine Atallah & the Bassalindos The song "Night of Secret"was reconstructed with dark athmospheric textures to unveil Christine's voice in a shroud of mystery.This remix will be released on the European single including the album version as well as the WESTERNDREAM remix.

N.O.S (Raziel reconstruction).mp3


For the 25th Anniversary of living legends Killing Joke, RISE OF THE FALLEN stepped in the studio to record a version of "Sun Goes Down" one of the more obscure Killing Joke tracks.The studio experience was one to remember.

Sun goes down.mp3

RISE OF THE FALLEN remixes ADAM'S vodoo nation

The song Vodoo Nation has been remixed By RISE OF THE FALLEN, the mix is called Earth and Blood mix and reveals a more natural side to this powerful dancefloor track,This remix will be featured on ADAM'S upcoming album.

Vodoo Nation (Earth & Blood remix).mp3

Golem records featured artist SECRETSELF

Golem Records is proud to announce the upcoming release of electro-industrial artist Secretself's debut album entitled "insect" stay tune for more info.

Overdose (Saturation mix).mp3

Golem records featured artist BLIND AGONY

Listen to Golem Record's new artist Blind Agony,heres a sample of their dark injected techno.More info coming soon......

Silent death.mp3


We have the pleasure to announce that Italian techno- industrial Band ADAM will appear on the nest of ten album Jeez is working on a corrosive dance floor mix of Ensoph.RISE OF THE FALLEN is also working on a metal industrial mix for the song Vodoo nation that will be featured on ADAM's album:God's beautiful mistake

En soph (ADAM remix)


International electro band DECODED FEEDBACK's exclusive remix of RISE OF THE FALLEN'S Crusade. Entitled Crusade(Deathrow mix) this version will appear on the Nest of Ten album.Click below for audio excerpt:

Crusade (Deathrow mix).mp3

NEST OF TEN latest audio excerpts

New audio excerpts from the RISE OF THE FALLEN Nest of ten album have just been added.






RISE OF THE FALLEN have just finished a unique remix of LIQUID SOUND'S BDSM anthem : Slap Happy featuring Cain on vocals.

Edward Ka-spel on RISE OF THE FALLEN version of Legendary pink dots Hellsville

We are very pleased to say that the recording sessions for the RISE OF THE FALLEN version of Hellsville went very well.We would like to thank Edward Ka-spel for lending his voice to this unique version of Hellsville.

Hellsville (audio excerpt)

Edward will also sing on the Nest of ten album tracks : Armilius Edom and Generation.

Legendary pink dots website

WESTERNDREAM live July 20th 2005
The WESTERNDREAM live performance on july 20th 2005 at bar Syndrome Mtl received a warm response from the public, the material covered the downcast era to upcoming Permutations material, the show was presented with a unique video presentation.
Enlarge picture
WESTERNDREAM Permutations update

WESTERNDREAM are in studio working on the upcoming album permutations . here are some musical excerpts:

Kadmon (audio excerpt)

Asleep (audio excerpt)

Fire and ice (audio excerpt)


WESTERNDREAM has just finished remixing RISE OF THE FALLEN's Bloodline, to give us a pounding Goa-noise rendering of this powerfull Nest of Ten track.The reaction was immediate, and Golem Records has been receiving very positive feedback by international d.js and radio stations

Bloodline Remix (audio excerpt)

RISE OF THE FALLEN sings Joy division



RISE OF THE FALLEN has just finished recording a Remake of Joy Division's Transmission

Transmission (audio excerpt)


WESTERNDREAM Live July 20th 2005 at Bar Syndrome Montreal
WESTERNDREAM will be performing for the premiere of Aural fixation nights at bar Syndrome in Montreal with Dj Khimera, the set will include material from the downcast era to the upcoming permutations lp.
RISE OF THE FALLEN DVD, t-shirts and cds available at Diabolik Mtl

RISE OF THE FALLEN material is available at Diabolik, 257 Mont royal est 514-849-1049


RISE OF THE FALLEN DVD and single reviews

RISE OF THE FALLEN's Citizen Cain Has received great reviews in the new releases section of the German magazine Medienkonverter, Russian Magazine Stigmata and by Dj Morgana.

Medienkonverter Website

Stigmata Website

Dj Morganna Website

RISE OF THE FALLEN DVD release party at Bar Silencio Romania


Dj HYPNOS and Golem Records are proud to present the RISE OF THE FALLEN DVD East European release party that will take place in January 2005 at Bar Silencio (str. bescu Voda nr.20, zona Unirii-Mitropolie) Romania.





RISE OF THE FALLEN's Citizen Cain E.p is now out and available via the Golem store.This record includes the three versions of Citizen Cain as well as an exclusive dancefloor remix called sin-biotik mix.Click below for audio sample:

Citizen Cain (sin-biotik mix)






RISE OF THE FALLEN's nest of ten t-shirts are now available for men as well as baby tees for women.Visit the Golem store to purchase on line.




Photos of RISE OF THE FALLEN DVDrelease party at bar Saphir MTL

Golem Records and Photographers Sirius and Michel P. de Courval are happy to share the echoes of the RISE OF THE FALLEN -Citizen Cain DVD North American release party at Club Saphire Montreal.The event was a success click below to access photo gallery:

photo gallery of the event



Photos of RISE OF THE FALLEN DVD release party at Cafe Cleo MTL

Golem Records and Photographer Michel P. de Courval are happy to share the highlights of RISE OF THE FALLEN'srelease party that took place at Club sin's fetish event in Montreal on December 3rd 2004 at cafe cleo.click below to access photo gallery:

photo gallery of the event





Golem Records is proud to present RISE OF THE FALLEN:Citizen Cain the DVD.Now available for purchase via the golem records online store.You can view a sample of one of the 3 videos by clicking below (you will need windows media player 9 or quicktime):


1.Citizen cain (album version)




Alchemy Gothic Website

Visit the Official Alchemy Gothic Website for jewellery, pendants, rings, buckles, t-shirts giftware, chalices and decor products. Alchemy, the original gothic revivalists, have since 1977 designed and manufactured in England the leading alternative fashion and lifestyle accessories revered throughout the World:


Club Sin and Golem Records
Golem records is joining force with Montreal's club sin for various events.Club sin is the key contact for any bdsm and festish related activities. A family of talented artists.Visit their website: www.clubsin.ca
Heathen Harvest review on WESTERNDREAM


Heres a review by Heathen harvest on WESTERNDREAM'S Fanatika featured on the sonic visions compilation

Sonic Visions begins with an epic electronic track titled <intro> Permutations on Toth-Pot Fanatika (Avodah Zarah Remix) by WESTERNDREAM. The track begins with esoteric chanting that instantly uplifts the listener and sets the mood for the entire album. Through an expert manipulation of sound, rhythm and electronics WESTERNDREAM whip up a frenzy of chanting, pounding beats and celestial atmospheres accented by samples. The music is too intricate to attempt to describe. The music evolves with so many twists and turns it's simply beyond description. Needless to say the complexity of the rhythmic structures and the pace of evolution within the music makes for an excellent song that finds its way into the ranks of such artists as This Morn Omina and AH Comma Sotz.





Shooting of the first RISE OF THE FALLEN video:Citizen Cain. Directed by Sylvain Gingras & R. Noel soon available on line.The shooting took place in a abandoned bank's vault as well as a boiler room, the fallen evolve in their personal inferno to realise that their all part of cain's mind.All on-set photography by Michel P de Courval.The video is currently being edited in a German, English and Orchestral version to be released on a dvd.Golem records would like to thank Byron Coley and J.G Turgeon for their support.


Sonic visions
WESTERNDREAM 's Fanatika as well as an original permutation on toth-pot is featured on Geska Records new Sonic visions Compilation as well as an interactive dvd.The concept behind this album is the tree of life, Artists as Mlada fronta, milligramme, Mimetic makes this record a unique experienceYou can check out online reviews in our golem links section.


Golem Records collaborator Christine Atallah

Long time friend and Vocalist Christine Atallah appears on RISE OF THE FALLEN'S Nest of ten album; Christine sings on the track En Soph adding her distinctive crossbread of middle eastern and operatic chants.Please visit her website :


Sirius multimedia

Check out Sirius multimedia, offering distinctive concepts in Video, webdesign, Graphics pre& post printing.Currently Editing RISE OF THE FALLEN's debut video please visit his website at: http://sirius.docspage.com

Athanore multimedia

Athanore.com: Photography, video, multimedia by Michel P de Courval, Michel has been a long time collaborator, he is an anthropologist as well as the founder of Athanore, he recently shot for techno act perfection plastique.

Sculpt Messyah(Fashion designer)

WESTERNDREAM and RISE OF THE FALLEN music was featured for the Sculpt Messyah fashion show at the Sacrilege2 Fetish event, Foufounes Electriques, Mtl. As well as fashion event at The Funhouse, Mtl.


Rise of the fallen: Nest of ten

GOLEM RECORDS will soon release RISE OF THE FALLEN debut album: Nest of ten, a conceptual album exploring the ten unholy emanations offspringed by the biblical Cain, father of all demonic beings.A distinctive sound combining orchestral cinematic sound textures, razor blade guitars and corrosive techno elements.


WESTERNDREAM: Permutations

WESTERNDREAM` 12 th album, a conceptual album exploring the magic behind kinetics, numbers and letters.Apocalyptic trance at its best.Permutations includes a RISE OF THE FALLEN remix of Downcast. Rich in texture, this album combines the aerial mood of goa-trance with the raw energy of ancient tribal rythms incantations.Tracks like Toth-pot, Fanatika and Fire and ice have already attracted serious attention from U.K and Italian Dance charts..


NOMAD LAB's eponym album is scheduled to be released in October 2004.Featuring Maimon (Mongoose) on guest vocals this record is a journey into the world's musical traditions.From Bali to Maghreb,Senegal to Seoul Sylvain laurent has been travelling and collectind recordings of traditional percussionists.This interesting cross between world beat and trip hop makes nomad lab a must in your collection.




WESTERNDREAM had a great response at the Convergence8 event, their music was featured in the Diabolik Fashion show.


Orange Peel Records
WESTERNDREAM will be featured on L.A based compilation on Orange Peel Records.
Golem Studios

Visit the studio behind the music

Interf8 Designs


INTERF8 designs , offering unique concepts in Webdesign,Post and pre printing graphic design, music scores as well as video production, editing and DVD authoring.



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