The King was everything, retracting himself within itself chaos was born, The divine flux flowed through the four worlds into ten holy channels, and onward until our universe came to be. From the residue of previously destroyed universe came the shell.

As soon as one holy channel was hidden from the divine flux: evil was born. With creation came anti-creation, from the tree of life came the tree of good and evil. Adam and Eve begot Seth, the angel and Eve begot Cain and Abel, From Cain came ten unholy emanations who gave birth to the different breeds of the fallen.

Throughout history, these breeds mingled with mankind to leave us in a hybrid world of great confusion. From the tower of Babel to 9/11, these same forces have been at work.

Only now the fallen will regain their original state of purity. Welcome, the world is now embracing obscurity, a crisis, a familiar blackness, A darkness which has always been obstructing the breathing light of being, stifling organic movement and introducing the decadent cyber-mechanical consciousness of the Fallen in the ever present vacuum.

To escape the machine, we attempt to transcend the worlds. We throw into question the authenticity of human existence. Evil is a conscious force which attempts to extract the light-life from matter and return it to its initial chaotic darkness... Entropy. In a time when the metaphore of death prevails, the devil's expression of anti-being is predominant in todays ivilizations. When the body is being stripped of its meaning and its function reduced to cyber mechanical obsenity, the essence of its power is vulgarised.

In this time, the fallen must sing. Sing, a new song.Founded in 2002 by Cain, producer and songwriter, RISE OF THE FALLEN is a gathering, a celebration to the light still to be restored.

RISE OF THE FALLEN proposes powerful Orchestral sound scapes evolving around post-modern electro rhythms, ancestral tribal rites and hell driven guitars slashing their way through primordial chaos. The achievement of demystifying the dream, restoring the light lost in the darkness, restoring all that is fallen to their point of origin.