In ancient Kabbalah, it is believed that the universe was created out of two opposite emanations. With the fall of man, these emanations intertwined, to leave us in a world of paradoxes. An awkward reality of a life made of opposite emanations, from binary to good and evil. Atomic polarity. Ying, Yang, Fire, Water. The fanatical deviation of the worlds religions through the deification of evil via the worshipping of guilt. A time in which hybrid dogmas swarm upon the earth. In this great mix up, we stop, we wonder, is there an absolute reality hiding behind a distorted one? Music is considered a lower level of prophecy. As we step into this new millennium, we encounter numerous strains of what use to be called music. Drowned in this chaos, we feel an urge for something different. WESTERNDREAM proposes an attempt to retrieve the sparkles of light lost in the darkness. The devil is on God's payroll.

WESTERNDREAM is a musical project started in Montreal in 1989 by singer/ songwriter/ D.J./producer Philip Faith. The name reflects a sarcastic reply at the ever-present dogmas of western civilization, as well as the struggle of humanity in its quest for truth. The music reflects the conflict between technology and traditional musical approach, heaven and hell, the spirit and the flesh. Eastern tradition meets Western tradition, analog meets digital. A musical Alchemy, analog being sulfur and digital being Mercury. WESTERNDREAM proposes powerful soundscapes born of permutations of various musical elements. Various language as well as ancient dialects are incorporated. A timeless journey through all the worlds esoteric traditions. An introspection into the eternal Mystery: the Soul…

Music for the post millennium dance floors for beings who want to dance without turning their mind off.

For WESTERNDREAM, the Theatricals are part of the music when it comes to live performances: belly dancers, contortionists, Fire, live Reptiles as well as videos and animations. A time traveling circus for the end of days. The shows were well acclaimed in Eastern Europe in 1996. They also performed with Switchblade Symphony, Talamasca, Rhea's Obsession, LTNO, Luxt and D.N.A.


A rock skeleton enveloped by trance-industrial rhythms and laced with biblical melodies. The songs combine incisive guitar lines, tribal drumming, ethnic percussion and pounding bass, to deliver powerful mood-oriented music. From techno-hardcore to drum 'n bass to trancy-goa to neo-classical elements, there is no boundaries, a melodic journey where past, present and future melt in a whirlwind of post industrial rhythms to deliver a powerful soundscape not exclusively for the dance floor but for the mind as well.
WESTERNDREAM depicts a journey from the walls of ancient Ur to the gates of today's urban Chaos. The cry, the anger of a lost generation trying to unfold the truth. Via the study of ancient secret sciences.

The vocals preach existentialist laments of a dying age, through lyrics intended as a guideline for an epic journey, in a world of apocalyptic fantasies. Witnessing the evolution of our universe, the voices metamorphoses into tortured characters resisting the helpless feeling we have toward the clashing events around us.